Now it’s easy to manage disavow files in a few easy steps...

$ Create a disdit account

$ Upload your existing disavow file

$ Upload new disavow files whenever! (We dont overwrite what's there)

$ Download your updated disavow file, ready for submission to Google

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Managing disavow files can be tough
Disavow files are important, but managing them can also eat up time that you could have spent building something really cool for your customers. Disavowing links (usually whole domains) is a fact of life these days if you are running an online business, but do you really want to spend your time hand editing text files every time you need to update the Disavow Tool?

We didn’t think so – and that's just one of the reasons we created disdit!

Ever wondered which sites get disavowed the most, how often and why?
disdit lets you dig into Disavow data, answer questions, understand what might increase a site's chances of being disavowed and lots more. Whatever you want to know about disavowed domains, just run a disdit search to find the answer.

Want to know if your domain has been disavowed?
Even if your own site has been added to a disavow list, you probably don't have too much to worry about. Sometimes sites are included in error and the result is domains that are disavowed by mistake. It actually isn't that unusual for a site to be disavowed a few times. What really matters is how often a domain has been included in a disavow list and how many different lists. This is where disdit helps you out. Run a quick search and disdit will tell you whether your domain is in our disavow database. Actually, while you're at it, why not check a few other domains to see what sort of disavow shape they are in? You can even check your favorite sites to take a look at some of the unbelieveably obvious disavowal mistakes you never want to make!

Wouldn't you love to know just what is in the Disavow Links tool?
We know it's impossible to see exactly what is in Google's Disavow tool, but with every list you upload to disdit, we build a more accurate picture of what webmasters all over the world are telling Google to disavow. Yes, that's right. We're crowd-sourcing our way to seeing the bigger picture on Disavows and disdit is your chance to join the crowd.

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