What was that Matt Cutts?

Think you can dump your disavow file once a reconsideration request has been granted and slide right past the Google cops? Think again. Matt Cutts and his webspam warriors are onto you.

Matt dropped a little free advice for disavow dumpers while chatting with Sha Menz at SMX West in San Jose last month...but you already knew it wasn’t the smartest idea ever to circulate on the "dark side". Right?

"We even see already people who'll do a reconsideration request, disavow all their links and then after the reconsideration request is granted they'll undisavow all the links - which we can detect. We can detect that. We know when that's happening! You think we don't follow back up and notice that disavow file goes away? We do notice! Don't do that." - Matt Cutts

Big thank you to Michael Rough from Vancouver based agency Webfor, who helped us out with camera duties.

If you just got the urge to update your disavow files...grab a free disdit account and we'll help you get them sorted in no time.