informal verb: dis;
verb: diss
1. speak disrespectfully to or criticize.

noun: diss
1. disrespectful talk

disdit - Who we are, What we do and how we used the Disavow tool to find our identity
Calling out the sites or specific links you don't like is the fundamental premise of using Google's Disavow Links Tool

When we started building disdit we knew we wanted a name that would be easily recognizable and help the world connect with what we do ... in six letters or less!

So where to start?
First we looked at what we do: Disavow files. Yes, we’re all about the disavow...helping you to manage them, update them, understand and even keep track of where they’ve been.

So when we started looking at the word itself we discovered something cool – the first part of this word "dis" is a Latin prefix meaning "apart," "asunder," "away," "utterly," or having a privative, negative, or reversing force, but it is also an informal or slang term that reflects exactly the intent of using the disavow tool:

So when you add a linking root domain to your list and upload it to the Disavow Links Tool at Google, you "dis" that domain. "ah...now we're getting somewhere!"

Let's take that premise and develop it a little further – when you add a domain to our database, you're telling us you "dissed it". By now we're feeling pretty good about where this is going, but still more letters than we'd like and it still doesn't feel like it quite has our stamp...

Now the lesson here is that creating a Brand is about finding something individual and unique that also gives the world a glimpse of who you are as a company.

Time to talk about us
We are Web Based Innovations. We're an Ohio based company that loves to create positive, unexpected solutions for tasks that most people think are difficult or unpleasant.

You might already know us from our most famous SAAS product, rmoov.

Our small team is an intriguing mix of American, Australian and French Canadian origins, but what brings us all together is the way we think of the relationship between people, work and solutions. For us, every day is about finding smarter, cooler, more positive ways to deal with life's little problems. We're uncompromising when it comes to doing the job the way it should be done, but we know when to have a little fun.

We're geeks at heart and some might say our relationship with code is verging on obsessive - we like to "embed" it in everything we do and that includes our Brands! Ah yes, finally back to the Brand. That thing about embedding code has been known to lead us into taking a little license with spelling. It's a little quirk we kind of like about ourselves, so maybe we could see if it can help us finally arrive at our Brand?

Let’s see: You dissed it ... dissd it (sic) oh wait! dissdit (sic) not quite...still too many letters ... how about disdit!?! (sic) Now that’s a Brand!

Welcome to disdit. and to help you stay in touch with your inner geek, there's code ....